Ground Bird Feeder is a Favorite of Many Birds

Ground bird feeders are a great way to attract birds to your backyard or garden. Because these Feeders are a favorite of Many Birds, with their low profile and easy accessibility, ground bird feeders bring a variety of birds in search of food. A ground bird feeder can be placed on the lawn, in flower beds, or around trees, allowing birds of all sizes to stop for a bite. Many birds love these convenient feeding stations and will return often.

What is a ground bird feeder?

A ground bird feeder is a unique feeder designed to be placed on the ground rather than hung up in a tree or other area. This unique design offers several advantages for both birds and humans alike. Ground bird feeders allow birds to approach from any angle, making getting to the food inside the feeder much easier.

For humans, the ground-based design means they don’t have to worry about climbing high off the ground or installing something onto existing structures like trees or houses.
The construction of a typical ground bird feeder typically consists of either metal or plastic bowls on top of tubes or trays attached to poles positioned in place by stakes. Some models also feature covers that can be closed when not used, helping protect food from becoming soggy from rain during wet weather conditions.

Why use a Homemade Ground Feeder?

Ground Bird Feeder

Creating a homemade ground feeder is an excellent way to feed wildlife in your backyard. Having a ground feeder rather than hanging one from a tree or pole provides many benefits. For starters, it allows small animals, such as chipmunks and squirrels, more accessible access to the food you’re offering them. Ground feeders also offer birds the option of eating on the ground or perching on a branch while they snack.

Homemade ground feeders are beneficial for wildlife and can also be good for your wallet. Instead of purchasing an expensive store-bought version, you can make a custom one with items you already have around the home. You can create a unique and cost-effective way to attract wildlife into your yard with just some materials, such as rocks, old dishes, and rope.

Why Ground Bird Feeder is a Favorite of Many Birds?

A suitable ground bird feeder should have a flat feeding surface that is easy for birds to access. The flat surface will also allow rainwater or other liquids to drain away quickly, which helps keep the food dry and safe from spoilage. It’s essential that the legs of the feeder can be cut down to adjust it for different terrain heights and surfaces. This will ensure a more stable base and decrease wobbly movement due to wind or animals knocking into it.

Its ability to drill holes in the sides of the feeder. This allows smaller birds like finches and sparrows easier access to their food without worrying about larger birds stealing it. Window screening can also be used on some models of ground bird feeders, providing another layer of protection from larger birds while still allowing small ones through.

A suitable ground feeder should have a large seed table with enough capacity to accommodate most of your birds and one that is easy to maintain. The evergreens around the perimeter make excellent windbreaks and will keep your birds safe from the elements.

The feeder should feature a sturdy base and sides to keep it from tipping over in high winds or if larger animals like cats or raccoons knock it. A roof that overhangs the seed table surface will protect the food from rain and snow, which can spoil it. Furthermore, drainage holes on the bottom of the feeder help ensure any water does not accumulate inside, as this can lead to food spoilage and create an environment for bacteria growth.

This can provide a safe and convenient way for birds to access food. The best features of a proper ground bird feeder include protection from the elements, easy filling, and access to multiple types of food.

Another feature that makes a great ground bird feeder is the ability to create shelter. By using cedar wood that has been treated with an outdoor sealant, it will last through all seasons while protecting from rain and sun. Additionally, look for four-pod designs with built-in perches so birds can comfortably rest while eating.

What is the Best Seed Choice for This Feeder?

Cracked corn is an inexpensive seed choice that most ground-feeding birds favor. Its small size makes it easy for smaller birds like sparrows, doves, and juncos to eat quickly. Black oil sunflower seeds have larger kernels than regular sunflower seeds, which makes them easier for many species of finches, nuthatches and woodpeckers to crack open. Combined in one feeder, both these options will attract a variety of songbirds with their enticing smell and flavor.

Mourning Doves, some types of Sparrows, Juncos, Pigeons, and a variety of other birds are attracted to certain seeds more than others. Offering a mix of sunflower and millet seed is an excellent choice to ensure that these feathered friends feel welcome at your feeder.

Sunflower seeds provide high-energy benefits for birds, such as nuthatches, finches, and chickadees. The hulled variety is great because there is less mess from discarded shells. Millet provides grain-eating birds like doves and sparrows with a tasty treat they can’t resist!

Discover Different Types of Bird Feeders

Bluebird Feeder

One type of bird feeder perfect for attracting bluebirds is the bluebird feeder.
The bluebird feeder is specially designed for the diet of these popular birds and features a wide range of valuable features. Its small size makes it easy to hang from trees or poles, while its shape helps protect food from being spilled by larger animals. The height also keeps cats and other predators away from the food. Plus, the perches on this feeder are uniquely engineered to fit a bluebird’s feet perfectly!

Tube Feeders

Tube feeders are an excellent option for novice and experienced bird watchers. These feeders consist of a narrow cylinder with ports along the length that allow birds to perch while they eat. They can be made from metal, plastic, or even glass and come in various sizes. The seeds stay dry inside the tube and are protected from rain and other elements. These feeders are easy to clean, which helps keep the source fresh for longer!

Thistle Feeders

Thistle feeders are designed to hold finch-friendly seeds such as nyjer or thistle. Smaller species like finches, goldfinches, purple finches, and pine siskins often prefer these specialty seeds. Thistle feeders usually have many small perching areas, making it easier for these tiny birds to access their food. The design also helps keep other larger birds from taking over the seed supply.


A ground bird feeder is a great way to attract birds to your backyard. It is easy to set up, inexpensive and can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. The variety of seeds used in a ground bird feeder makes it attractive to many birds. The best part about having a ground bird feeder is watching the different kinds of birds that come and go while they enjoy their meal.

More Questions

What is a ground feeder for birds?

A ground feeder is a bird feeder placed close to the ground, either on a stand or directly on the floor. This feeder allows smaller birds, such as sparrows and finches, to access food easily. Ground feeders are usually filled with seeds, nuts, or bird food.

Which bird feeder attracts the most birds?

A bird feeder that offers a variety of food sources, such as seeds, nuts, and suet, is the most attractive to birds. Ensuring the feeder is easy for birds to access and has plenty of perching spots will help attract more birds.

How do you make a ground bird feeder?

Making a ground bird feeder is easy. Gather materials such as a shallow bowl, bird seed, and rocks or bricks. Place the bowl on the ground in an open area and away from potential predators. Fill the bowl with birdseed and arrange the stones or bricks around it to help keep it in place. Then sit back and watch your feathered friends come to enjoy the treat!