Do Hawks eat Possums? (Species + other FAQs)

It’s a common question among bird enthusiasts: Do hawks eat possums? With so many species of birds, mammals, and other animals, it can be challenging to keep track of their dietary habits. Knowing precisely what hawks consume is essential, as they are significant players in the food chain. This article provides an overview of their interactions to help answer this question and other frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the relationship between hawks and possums.

Do Hawks hunt and eat Possums?

Evidence shows that hawks will hunt possums when they are available. Possums are more likely found in areas with dense vegetation or near water sources, so that these areas may be more attractive to hawks looking for a meal. Hawks may also take advantage of opportunities to quickly catch an unsuspecting or injured possum, as they often find them lying low in vegetation during the day.

Hawks are known to be fierce predators; their sharp talons and deadly eyesight can spot prey from far away. When it comes to possums, hawks have the advantage of being able to use both their sight and hearing to locate them. Hawks often swoop down on unsuspecting possums, quickly grasping them with their talons before flying away with the prey in their clutches.

Do Hawks eat Possums?

When do Hawks eat Possums?

Though hawks can hunt for possums at any time of day or night, they usually only do so during the day. This is because possums don’t usually promenade during the night – they typically stay tucked away in their dens until sunrise, when they come out to feed and look for food.
Hawks take advantage of this behavior by searching for them during daylight hours when they are more active and easier to find.

Which Hawks eat Possums?

While a possum’s arena isn’t usually a hawk’s first food choice, some species of this bird will eat one if given the opportunity. Let’sLet’s take a closer look:


The Buteoswainsoni, or Hawaiian hawk, is a species of raptor native to the islands of Hawaii. These hawks are an essential part of the island’s ecosystem and play a vital role in its food chain. Interestingly, these birds are among the few species that actively hunt and consume possums as part of their diet.

Hawaiian Hawks are large birds with broad wings and long tails, which make them excellent hunters. They use their keen eyesight to scan for potential prey from high altitudes before swooping down for the kill.

Possums make up a significant portion of their diet; they hunt them from trees or on land and eat any eggs they can find during nesting season. Their strong talons help them grip slippery possums, making them easier to carry away and consume.


Do Hawks eat Possums?

The Harris’s hawk, also known as Parabuteounicinctus, is a medium-sized raptor found in the southwestern United States and parts of Central and South America. This predatory bird feeds on small mammals such as rodents, rabbits, and possums. The Harris’sHarris’s hawk is particularly well-suited for hunting possums due to its unique behaviors and physical features that help it capture prey.

This species of a hawk has a unique ability to work together in teams while hunting. It has been observed that when one individual spots prey, others come to assist in taking it down; this behavior is called “cooperative hunting.”

The wide variety of coloration on the Harris’s Hawk—including black shoulders and chestnut wings—helps camouflage them from their prey so they can surprise them more easily.


The black-chested buzzard eagle, or Geranoaetusmelanoleucus, is an impressive-looking bird of prey. These hawks are widespread and can be found in many parts of South America, including Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. The black-chested buzzard eagle is a large raptor with a wingspan of up to two meters. It feeds mainly on small mammals such as rabbits and rodents but is also known to eat possums.

These birds usually hunt from the air using their powerful eyesight to spot their prey below them. Once spotted, they swoop down with their talons outstretched, ready to catch their meal.


The SpizaetusTyrannusus, commonly known as the Changeable Hawk-Eagle, is one of the fascinating birds of prey due to its ability to hunt and eat a wide variety of animals. Its territorial range stretches across much Southeast Asia, where it has been known to prey on small mammals such as possums.

This species is unique among other hawks in that it prefers hunting from an elevated perch like a tree or cliff rather than swooping down upon its prey from midair.
Despite their fierce reputation for hunting, these majestic creatures are considered vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) due to habitat loss and other threats.
Changeable Hawk-Eagles have distinct features that make them well-adapted for capturing possums on the ground or in trees.


Regarding hawks, one species stands out from the crowd – the Harpyhaliaetussolitarius. This solitary raptor is native to Australia and New Zealand, where it’s commonly found preying on possums. Widely known as the “Possum Hawk,” this bird of prey is a fierce hunter with sharp talons and an impressive wingspan.

The Possum Hawk has a long tail and can reach up to 2 feet in length. Its brown feathers provide excellent camouflage among trees and shrubs. It uses its keen eyesight to spot potential meals from above before swooping down for an attack. The possum hawk also has powerful paws that allow it to grasp its prey tightly while feeding on flesh or small bones.

Do Hawks eat Baby Possums?

The short answer is yes; hawks will eat baby possums if given the opportunity. While this might seem cruel to some, it’s a part of nature and an important survival mechanism in the wild. Hawks are apex predators, and as such, they need a steady supply of food to survive.

These majestic birds are not picky eaters and will consume whatever they find that provides them with sufficient nutrition.
In the wild, baby possums can become prey for hawks due to their small size and lack of agility. Though adult possums have sharp claws that can help them defend themselves against predators, baby possums still need this advantage and are more vulnerable to being targeted by hungry hawks.

Do Hawks eat dead Possums?

The answer is yes. Hawks are known to feed on carrion, which includes animals that have died of natural causes or those killed by other predators. Although they may not actively hunt for dead possums, if they come across them while out searching for food, they will take advantage of the opportunity.


Do Hawks eat Possums? though they are not a preferred food source? It is important to note that the type of hawk and possum species will influence what the hawk chooses to eat. Hawks have a diverse diet, so it is essential to understand their habitat and the prey available to them to determine whether or not possums are part of their diet.